Heliconius numata

Heliconius numata, 30 subspecies in Holzinger, 28 on butterfliesofamerica; does not fly in Central America.

there seems to be a lot of sympatry between those subspecies?


Cotacachi West, Ecuador


Villavicencio, Colombia


Napo, Ecuador

last twelve are females



Sangay NP East, Ecuador

last seven are females


Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador


San Martin, Peru


last ten are females


Junin, Peru


last seven are females


Tingo Maria, Peru


Amazonas and Loreto, Peru

last twelve are females


Caranavi, Bolivia

last one is a female


North Yungas, Bolivia


Villa Tunari, Bolivia

last three are females


Rondonia, Brasil


Para, Brasil


French Guyana

last ten are females



last ten are females

not much difference between Guyana and French Guyana, and, most probably, Suriname


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